OK, who else wants to be Mindy Kaling’s best friend?

The pilot of Mindy Kaling’s new show, “The Mindy Project”, is amazing. And is free on Hulu. Go watch it now, because we’re about to talk about it. Seriously, go! I’ll wait.

OK! How hard did you laugh, on a scale of 1-10? There is a lot I love about this show: Mindy is likable, relatable, and a real woman. She’s a doctor (!! Girls in STEM careers on a mainstream prime-time TV show! HALLELUJAH!), says what she thinks, and everything that comes out of her mouth is basically comic gold. So many times, just like what happened while I read her book, I found myself saying, “oh, Mindy. You and I are the same” – quoting romantic comedies at age 7, hoping for a “meet cute” – I have been there.

Mindy is a great character to have on TV, if you ask me. She’s healthy (finally, a woman who actually is the average size for women appearing as a desirable woman with a sex drive on television), smart, compassionate, and desirable.I thought it was a great tie-in to the discussion I had with friends recently about whether or not the hook-up culture and whether or not it’s beneficial for women, men, 20-somethings, and relationships in general. We didn’t have a definitive answer, except for that it depends on the person – but it’s a debate that’s been going on quite a bit lately in the media, and I love that it’s out there and being played out on TV.

There are a couple of things that need to be worked on, though:

  • The Racism. Is it really necessary to make the family who can’t afford health care middle eastern immigrants coming in and begging for handouts? I know it wasn’t intended that way, but it just rubbed me wrong. As long as we keep the characters who are struggling diverse, I’m cool with it – but next time, show a white family! They have issues affording health care too!
  • The male characters are kind of stereotypes right now, and are dicks to Mindy. One just wants to hook up with her, and one tells her to lose weight. Mindy isn’t just taking it lying down – she has a say in how she handles these situations and isn’t a doormat – but would it be so wrong to just have a guy friend without him insulting her?

What did you guys think? I’m excited to see where this show goes! Both of those issues are totally things that they could work out.



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