And the WINNER of the Equal Writes Contest is…

TALIA (of Star of Davida fame!)

Below is her entry and a preview of the Equal Fights episode (the full version has been taken offline). I loved that she had every woman in the scene be a feminist and proud of it, and that they educated the girls on true feminism versus stereotypes of it without being heavy-handed.

Talia’s Entry:

Starts at 11:01 (Window opens and light is let into the room)

Ms. Bellum: Listen, girls. You’re right about one thing: there is injustice in the world.
 Ms. Keane: Things aren’t fair for women.
 Ms. Bellum: White women only earn 77 cents for every dollar white men make.
 Ms. Keane: African-American women make 67 cents, and Hispanic women make 56 cents.
 Ms. Bellum: There are lots more ways that women aren’t treated right, too.
Buttercup: Well, that’s not fair! Why isn’t anyone doing anything about it?
 Ms. Keane: There are a lot of women and men – they’re called feminists – who are working hard to end the unfairness.
Blossom: Is Femme Fatale a feminist?
 Ms. Bellum: She thinks she is, but she’s not.
Bubbles: Then who are feminists?
Police Officer: I am.
Bank Owner: I am.
Teenager: So am I!
Ms. Keane: And we are too.
Blossom: Is Femme Fatale a feminist?
Ms. Bellum: No. Real feminists don’t want special treatment – they want to be treated equally.
 Ms. Keane: Do you girls know who Susan B. Anthony was?
 Powerpuff Girls: No…
Ms. Bellum: Let us tell you a story…
(Fades into blackness, and next scene at coin collectors convention opens)

Congrats, Talia!


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