Commander in Chief: Season 1, Episode 18

Episode Summary (from Wikipedia):

Mac’s determination to pass the Equal Rights Amendment divides her staff and family over the issue of women’s rights. Jim continues to ponder Mac’s vice president offer. He tells Mac that he “would be honored to be considered for the Vice-Presidency.” Kelly’s ex-husband, a journalist, pitches a story to the First Family which Kelly vouches for him on a professional level however is stunned to learn about his new family. Mac fires Dickie because he sabotaged her attempts to get the ERA passed. He then joins Templeton’s team. Rebecca is charmed by a new boy she chats with online, who is revealed to be an intern working for Templeton. Templeton announces his presidential bid. The President and Templeton “debate” in a town hall style meeting, and the press and audience widely declare Mac as the winner.

Well, this was certainly a fitting end to a show about the first female president – how far women still have to go. I really appreciated how Mac framed the argument of ratifying the ERA. It’s a matter of a guarantee of equal rights under the law, not a feminist agenda – All citizens deserve to be treated equally, regardless of race, sexual orientation, or gender. Period. I’m proud of her for firing Dickie, and disappointed in Dickie for acting so childish about the whole thing. It was interesting that Rebecca’s new beau had no idea that it was her the whole time – part of me thought that any online texting situation was going to end in some kind of hurt, but it seems to have ended somewhat well.

According to a few sources, there were 5 episodes that were made and never aired. I wonder how the writers planned to end this show. What do you think? Did you like the ending? Hate it? Want more? Leave it below!


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