Commander in Chief: Season 1, Episode 17 “Happy Birthday, Madam President”

Episode Summary (from Wikipedia):

On Mac’s birthday, she faces American hostages being taken in Turkey by a militant Kurdish group. Mac is also interviewing candidates to be her new Vice President which Dickie is very opinionated about. Rebecca’s new IM buddy is shown to be a very unlikely friend.


It seems so sinister that Templeton came up with a plan not just to damage the reputation of the President, but DESTROY it. I’m so glad that sleep is not shown as a sign of weakness or negligable side aspect of life in politics – so many political shows don’t address how little sleep people get in the correct way, showing it as a necessity that they grab when they can and that others respect, as opposed to a sometimes-treat. Go CIC!

I loved how Mac handled the situation and the great respect she had from her staff and how seriously she took each death and defeat. So impressive.

I’m interested to see what will happen with Rebecca/her text-boyfriend, but seeing as there’s only one episode left, I’m not sure how much we’ll see. Damn you premature cancellations!

If you haven’t voted on which show we should watch next, you should do so here. Currently Mad Men is winning! I’m thinking perhaps we should stick with one season or two episodes per week for Mad Men if it wins – with four 12 episode seasons, it would take us quite some time to get through the show! what are your thoughts on that? Leave it below.



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