This Week’s entry will be a little late!

This week’s entry will be late — I just moved into a new Apartment this weekend! My wireless is non-existent as of yet; and I’m writing this from the lounge in my building. Once I have an internet connection and a spare couple of hours between putting together Ikea Furniture and organizing dishes (ah, the glamourous life) I PROMISE there will be a post.

In the meantime: My friend came over yesterday evening to talk about work and life and etc., and she told me a story that was super-interesting: At her job, she was told that men should come to the event in a suit and that she should just come “looking a little nicer than she would when she came to work” — this annoyed her, because if the men should wear a suit, why shouldn’t she? So she came wearing a suit (a clear sign that she is a bad-ass).

What do you guys think about the differences in dress codes for men and women at work? I always find it frustrating how difficult it is for a woman to get dressed for the workday – as someone starting out in my career myself, I find myself pining for the days I wore jeans and “FUN RUN 2007” t-shirts to class and was still respected for my intellectual content. Do we as a society place too much pressure on how nice our clothes are – and is that worse for women? And does this ever come across in Commander in Chief?


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