Commander in Chief, Season 1 Episode 14: “The Price You Pay”

Episode Summary (from Wikipedia):

Mac stands by her longtime friend and nominee for Attorney General, Carl Brantley, who suffers during his first Senate confirmation hearings after his background is checked. A cargo plane in Pakistan carrying sensitive military weapons goes missing and the Vice President uses his military skill to resolve the situation. Kate leaves for a date which troubles Mac and Rod who mistake her for being lost.


First of all, Dickie’s line “I’m a political consultant. Of course I’m creepy.” was spot-on. Political humor!

I thought it was great that they attacked the idea that women are softer on crime from a different angle. She wasn’t accused of it directly, but her pick for Attorney General was, and she had to defend him strongly and defend his record from a strong and fair place, and speak to the unpredictable nature of crime – without seeming like a clichéd defense of what are perceived as women’s leadership “faults”.

I also found the appalled attitude about Mac nominating an old friend surprising, since men are never ridiculed for the same thing. If you ask me, the way Templeton does it – all the promises and wheeling and dealing – is way creepier. Also, I’m really surprised that NOBODY has made a sexual pass at Jane, and impressed that the show hasn’t resorted to that yet. Although I think it would be interesting to hear some input from Jane about why she feels she needs to dress in such a “sexy” way all the time, or if she feels she needs to at all.

What did you guys think?


PS – Only 4 Commander in Chief episodes left! Don’t forget to vote about what show we watch next under the “What Show Should We Watch Next?” page!


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