Commander in Chief, Season 1 Episode 13: “State of the Unions”

Episode Summary (from Wikipedia):

Mac works on her upcoming State of the Union Address. Rod ends up in an odd position with an intern, after he trips on the way out of a restaurant as paparazzi take pictures of the incident. The following morning, a humiliating photo ends up on the front page of the papers, embarrassing Mac which threatens to politically deteriorate her image. Meanwhile, Templeton sets out to destroy Mac’s Homeless Initiative Bill, in return for her to play “political hardball”.


First of all, when Rod accidentally grazed that intern’s chest all I could think was “LESLIE KNOPE SITUATION!!!!” (Click to see Leslie’s boob-balance moment). I laughed so hard just thinking again about poor Leslie’s face.

I thought that the question of whether or not she discussed being the first female President in her first State of the Union was an interesting one – and it’s true. What do you do in that scenario? Ignore it? Call attention to it? What do you guys think — did she do the right thing?

I’m glad that Rod moved out of the Oval Office. I know he felt that he needed to be there, but his presence was clearly taking away from Mac’s power and ability to stand alone as a leader, and he understood that – now that is a good husband!

Mac also seemed almost overly angry about the whole Rod-Intern situation – I knew she was upset that it detracted from  her message; but if there’s one thing 4 years of communications classes taught me, it’s that you can’t always control the message – you can just steer it. I thought she should have said, “I’m here to talk about this center” at that press conference instead of a comment about Rod – even if it was a clever one. What do you guys think? Leave it all below!


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