Commander in Chief, Season 1 Episode 11: “No Nukes is Good Nukes”

Episode Summary (from Wikipedia):

Is it weird that this is always the first image in my head when I hear "submarine"?

As the submarine situation with North Korea increases, Mac is faced with a possible nuclear war. Templeton supports Mac by remaining at the White House but it becomes evident that he and Mac think differently on certain stands on leadership, determining how having Templeton in power might lead to a very different conclusion to the situation. After an intensive round of negotiation with the North Korean regime, Mac was able to secure China’s help in order to use deep-sea rescue facilities to save the trapped sailors. After all of the sailors were rescued, Mac greeted them via a video link, the scene was subsequently broadcasted to the nation. After this incident, Mac won over the support and respect of the Military, also the trust of the North Korean regime to a certain degree. The crisis was smartly averted and even Rebecca expressed her gratitude and appreciation to her mother.

Discussion Under the Cut!

Woah. What an intense episode! Mac handled herself so gracefully under pressure. And not just pressure, but brink-of-war pressure. One thing you can say about Mac is that she holds her own even more than the men do. It was also fabulous to see her as finally respected by the joint chiefs and respected by all facets of the military for her actions.

Two things that really struck me about this episode was the clear difference in the nation’s path if Templeton had been president and a comment that Mac made to her mother over cookies at the end of the episode.

Templeton’s vs. Mac’s leadership styles seemed to be a personification of the common theory surrounding women in politics: that women are less likely to go to war, and more likely to figure out the peaceful option. I don’t know if I could necessarily say that this is always true, but it’s certainly an interesting idea. What do you think? Are women more inherently peaceful?

It really irked me when Mac told her mother that she experienced a rush from being the most powerful person in the world, and her mother joked “don’t tell your husband that!” as the two sat down over cookies and cocoa. That seemed like a very sexist comment to me – an extremely out of place one at that. Rod never struck me as the type to get jealous over Mac having more “power” than he does; just that he wants to feel as though he is an equal partner on whatever adventure they’re on together. Am I reading too much into this?


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