“Equal Fights” could use a little more Powerpuff-Punch (& a contest!)

The magnificent Danielle of Experimentations of a Teenage Feminist fame managed to dig up what every late 80’s/early 90’s baby-turned-modern-day-feminist has been searching for: a Feminism themed episode of The Powerpuff Girls!

When I saw this on Danielle’s blog, I clapped. Out loud. To myself. I grew UP on the Powerpuff Girls. When I was 10 I dressed up as Bubbles for halloween and made a painting of the Powerpuff Girls logo. I even sang “Love” (their song) at my town’s annual Harborfest talent show. Wearing a Powerpuff Girls t-shirt (Now that I reflect on it, I might have had a problem…).

But when I watched the episode, I was disappointed in what I saw. Like Danielle noted, the show did do a good job in the last minute of showing stereotypical (Femme Fatale) vs. true feminists (Susan B. Anthony).

The only outward feminist on the show is a villain, and she plays into all sorts of stereotypes: she rejects the male history of our country completely; disregarding Ben Franklin’s accomplishments and importance. She brainwashes the girls into her feminist values – making them reject society and make little boys cry and the mayor feel like he’s a bad person. They refuse to do chores and are unreasonable about preforming the job of protecting Townsville. They’re told by two women who play into typical “female” gender stereotyped professions (a teacher and an assistant – a very sexy assistant without a face) how to be real women and good citizens.

Of course, in the last minute and a half, the episode redeems itself – they realize that equality doesn’t mean women are better than men but that they are equal, they throw Femme Fatale in jail, and Femme Fatale is shown as a stereotypical woman saying “these stripes make me look fat!”

But as I racked my brain in how to make the episode better and fix the issues it has, I couldn’t quite figure it out. But maybe you can!

Equal Writes contest:

  • Rewrite one scene of the Powerpuff Girls episode to make it a little less stereotypical and a little more educational.
  1.  It should be in script or storyline format with at least 3 specific lines you would have characters say.
  2. If you would alter other aspects of the episode to make sure your scene made sense, you can write a general paragraph explaining what you would change.


  • your scene rewrite will be published on Couch Potatoes with a Cause
  • PLUS some rad Powerpuff Girls Swag:

An awesome Powerpuff Girls Coin Purse, the Powerpuff Girls Movie, AND a Powerpuff Girls Watch! Woohoo!

I can’t wait to read your submissions!

What did you think of the episode? Do you like the Powerpuff Girls? Hate ’em? Leave it below!

(Star of Davida is also having a fantastic writing contest right now (or should I say write now?) – check it out here.)


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